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Improve your Confidence

Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Horse Riding Confidence with Zippy Equestrian

Just like building a house, strong horse riding skills require a solid foundation. Enrolling in a reputable horse riding school offers you expert guidance, helping you grasp the basic horse riding skills and techniques from the ground up. Proper training ensures you're equipped with the knowledge to communicate effectively with your equine partner, setting the stage for a successful and confident riding journey. [...]

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improve- Horse riding

How to Improve Riding Aids: Horse Riding Exercises for Beginners.

Now that you are determined to learn horse riding in Bangalore you must be aware of horse riding aids that are going to be extremely helpful at every footstep of taking horse riding lessons. Becoming a good rider requires you to be focused on the fundamentals of horse riding and such fundamentals must be adapted while learning riding at horse riding school. If your body parts have [...]

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Horse riding for beginner

Beginner's Guide To Horse Riding.

Horse Riding can be an admirable experience when done safely and correctly. And for this, it’s important to get adequate training from a horse riding school. Things that can make anyone fall for horses are that they are simply beautiful and give you a sense of power and excitement and there’s so much to learn about horses and a lot is involved in owning them and learning horse riding [...]

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