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Horse Boarding

Finding a location to keep a horse is one of the toughest obstacles to overcome! Horses are large animals that enjoy running around and eating a lot. Even though you would wish they could, they don't belong in apartments and wouldn't be very happy there.

Even if you have a large enough backyard, there are restrictions governing where and how horses can be kept, which further complicates matters. What can you then do? BOARD THEM WITH ZIPPY

The wait is over ..
We at zippy are here to help you out in taking care of your horse at our stable with the best of the amenities provided and special care taken

Horse Boarding
At zippy, you can stable your horse with us for the purpose of hobby riding, equestrian sport or just as a pet and an extended family member. We ensure the right care that is required to keep a horse healthy and happy.

We are open to the idea of short term and long term boarding as well. As in the past, we have stabled many client-owned horses for a short duration for the purpose of training, after which the owners moved the horses to their farm houses. We also have some clients who have boarded their horses with us for the purpose of hobby riding and equestrian sports like dressage and showjumping. We ensure regular training and riding is given to the horses to bring up the fitness level before we start prepping the horses for competitions.

Full Horse Boarding Typically Includes:
  • A stable or other shelter
  • Grains and water
  • Hay Grass (About 8-10 kgs)
  • Bedding Grass / Saw Dust
  • Equipment to clean stalls
  • Weekly Veterinary check
  • First Aid - Emergency Care
  • Space to store your tack
  • Place(s) to ride like an arena
  • Lunging on daily basis
  • Training of the horses on request
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