Ready For Your Next Ride

Horse riding Training in Bangalore.

Located at J.P Nagar, Bangalore.

Ready For Your Next Ride

Horse Riding Academy.

Located at J.P Nagar, Bangalore.



Zippy Equine India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, located in the city centre, offers Horse riding lessons and Stable management to all those who lived for more than 4 years and also who are in their 50s, meaning it’s a horse riding club in Bangalore for children from the age of four to adults to the age of 50. We at Zippy academy, welcome all irrespective of their capabilities and skills. If you are oblivious to horse riding then here we are to train you for the same and if you are adept in horse riding we are here to help you continue this ground fly through ravishing back horse riding....This opportunity is for complete beginners, novices, intermediate and advanced riders. Our horses at Zippy, a horse riding school in Bangalore are well trained and they are highly efficient and skilled in order to embrace you with everything that’s most virtuous within you and in this world. On November 14, 2015, these all could become possible only in view of the fact that there were no other Horse riding schools in the south of Bangalore when in order to bestow riding experience we had to travel from south to north of Bangalore. You might be wondering what we have to do with this horse riding thing? Behind this possibility, we have Gabbar, our personal horse, and at that time we were happy with this fellow until we realised that people in Bangalore also need this happiness, so why not unfurl it. After considering these multiple values and manifestations, we finally decided to open an exemplary horse riding club in Bangalore. If you have a steadfast belief & impassion, if you are an enthusiastic participant, this horse riding academy in Bangalore is where you are meant to be. Our riding academy located at JP Nagar 7th Phase in Bangalore awaits you so that we can add speed to your dream!

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  • Introduction to Horse Riding and Equestrian Sports
  • Live demonstration of Saddling and Horse Riding
  • Interaction with Horses
  • Bonfire, Music and Snacks
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Get to know about Zippy Academy to a profound extent

The zippy academy is a horse riding club in Bangalore that gives you jubilation and rejoice making you and your soul climb beyond the artificial joy of the world. Founded in the year 2015 by very passionate rider DILIP KIRANI.
He started this journey from a private stable which later on became a great deal for him. Based on the request and demand from the people, Zippy became a full-fledged Horse Riding School of South Bengaluru, joined by their third partner, Mr Narasimha Murthy, CEO & Founder of Connectivity Solutions. This horse riding academy exclusively offers horse riding classes in South Bangalore. Located in the heart of the city, JP Nagar, allows people to travel here conveniently from any part of Bangalore like JP Nagar, Jayanagar, BTM Layout, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Banashankari, RR Nagar, Basawanagudi, VV Puram and other areas.

Each and every member of Zippy, a horse riding school in Bangalore is inclined towards providing horse riding training to everyone irrespective of their age and abilities. We are actively involved with the community that encourages learning horse riding in Bangalore and making this a part of the rapid and “full of chaos” life. We motivate and make competitive to the participants in the Equestrian Sports Competitions, held across the country. We are aggressively working with the other providers of horse riding classes in Bangalore to uplift the horse riding standards in the country and enlighten people about this mind-blowing habit.

LOVE FOR FREEDOM GOES PARALLEL WITH LOVE FOR HORSE RIDING Ever wondered why those who are zealous about horse riding, are the ones living with eternal peace on earth?
Our Offerings

What Do We Offer

Horse riding programs/Courses at a Glance

Our team love working with the horses and ponies, aiming to boost confidence in the more nervous riders and pushing the more experienced riders to grow and expand further by providing horse riding classes in Bangalore. The riding programs at Zippy include training for all levels of horse riders, such as Beginners, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced and Practice programs.

Beginners Program

If you are a Beginner and think that back horse riding is like mounting a giant animal, then no worries about spending a few days at Zippy horse riding academy and learning horse riding in Bangalore you will realize that riding horses are meant for you.
In the Beginners program, we provide horse riding classes in Bangalore from the basics that include saddling, mounting, walking, balancing and introduction of posting on the lunge line.

Novice Program

In the Novice program, horse riding training is provided to make you understand the right form of posting while the horse is trotting. This program is best suited to those who have good balance and confidence while the horse is on the walk and have been introduced to posting in the trot. By the end of this horse riding lesson, you can trot independently. Through rigorous horse riding training, we add more confidence in you therefore you become a rider without fear.

Intermediate and Advanced program

The intermediate and advanced horse riding classes in Bangalore make you comfortable to trot and canter independently and you start understanding and managing the horse you are riding on and get to explore more challenging riding tasks that make you adept and allow you to learn the toughest horse riding lessons across the country. By the end of this program, you will be able to ride any horse in varied canter seats, thus enjoying the thumping sound of the hooves while the horse canters and gallops in the arena and in the wild only at Zippy, a top horse riding school in Bangalore.

Practice Program

We also have a program for those who want to learn horse riding in Bangalore to practice to achieve a specific goal or are preparing for a particular competition.

stable horse

Horse Boarding

As indicated above, we strive to provide every possible service to our riders which are in our hands. Here at Zippy along with offering several horse riding lessons, we allow riders to embrace the ownership of their loved horses by giving them an opportunity to stable their horses at our academy. It’s so natural that a rider can’t leave their fellow horse just somewhere. Therefore at Zippy academy, a top horse riding school in Bangalore owners who have stabled their horses can use the facility during the working hours of the academy for the purpose of back horse riding, for their family and friends. Back horse riding hacks also can be done as per the owner’s choice. We maintain total transparency in our management system of stabling horses. Your horses at Zippy, a horse riding academy in Bangalore would get the same care and affection that they would get when it is in your enclosure. With the help of our experienced horse riding academy faculty, we attempt to prepare stable management and horse riding classes carefully to help children and adults learn progressively about all aspects of horse and pony care. Our stable management courses work through the Zippy horse riding training Structure, teaching all ages the knowledge required to take care of horses and ponies.
“The idea behind this Horse riding academy in Bangalore is to allow people of India to try new things and feel different from the routine of life.”

Other programs


Relish the Experience of the best horse riding classes in Bangalore at our academy!
This horse riding in Bangalore is generally for those who have completed the intermediate horse riding class and are given exposure to the most famous equestrian sport in the world. This is the stage in which you are already an expert horse rider. We are blessed, as our horse riding school is given this opportunity to train riders for Dressage as this is a highly skilled form of riding performed at the shows, and competitions and is the highest expression of horse riding classes as defined by the International equestrian federation. (FEI)


Exclusively at our horse riding club in Bangalore!
Learn horse riding in Bangalore that includes show jumping, a competitive equestrian event in which horse and rider are required to jump, usually within a time limit, a series of obstacles that have been designed for a particular show. Show Jumping is a challenging sport as there has to be a good connection between the horse and the rider. The horses can sense the smallest touch, react and perform based on the inputs given by the rider.

Horse Jumping


It is definitely not an easy task to learn horse riding in Bangalore. An individual needs to be both mentally and physically focused in order to handle their own posture in the saddle along with the movements of the horse. Becoming adept in back horse riding can take up to years or only a few months depending on the intensity of horse riding training you acquire. Similar to other sports an individual will always have to learn more and enhance skills.

The level of difficulty in horse riding will be determined by various factors, especially for someone who starts taking horse riding lessons. Some factors might play in favour of an individual and some might not, irrespective of where an individual lacks one thing is for sure almost everyone can learn horse riding in Bangalore.

The factors that influence the difficulty level in horse riding are:
- Fitness level
- Balancing skill
- Motivation and goals
- Patience level
- Familiarity with Horses
- Time invested in horse riding classes
- Budget for learning
- Quality of instruction
- Age of an individual

The quality of training an individual is getting at horse riding club Bangalore is the first and foremost factor that will impact the difficulty level in horse riding

Indeed, back horse riding is considered exercise as it offers some significant health benefits along with a day full of joy. No matter if one is adept or just a beginner, riding horses keeps an individual physically and psychologically fit and calm. Joining horse riding schools and taking the best horse riding classes in Bangalore is an exercise due to the following:

Burning calories : Back horse riding is considered a good cardiovascular exercise. As per the research of BHS if horse riding activities are performed just for half an hour such as mucking out an effective exercise while trotting can burn up to 600 calories per ride.

Physically fit : The one who wishes to stay in shape can opt for horseback riding as it allows one to stay balanced by keep bouncing around in the saddle while riding, also one uses their primarily core muscles while performing this activity at horse riding academy.

Balanced Mental state : Over the past few years, it has been seen that the most significant reason for the illness is an unbalanced mental state which is becoming very common day by day. Taking regular horse riding classes in Bangalore gives an unimaginable amount of mental relief.

There are some specific guidelines that must be followed in order to have a safe riding experience in horse riding classes in Bangalore. Below are some guidelines that must be observed:
 - To make sure that you have a safe riding experience, always hire a good instructor or get enrolled in top horse riding schools in Bangalore where you will be taught by experienced trainers. Avoid riding a horse alone in your earlier horse riding lessons, this way you will not only learn faster but also have a safe riding experience.
 - Always choose to ride a horse that is suitable for your riding skill. A beginner should ride a horse at horse riding schools in Bangalore who is well-mannered, quiet and patiently accepts the mistakes of beginners.
 - In the case of small kids, they must not be left unattended on or around the horses. Kids who are performing horse riding in Bangalore must know how to act around and with the horses. They must be disciplined, speak softly, take steps slowly and always keep a safe distance between themselves and the horse unless they are not riding on it. Also, they must be taught to not distract horses while others are taking rides.

The answer to this question can never be specific. The number of classes required to learn back horse riding depends on many factors such as the age of a person, is the student too young? Middle-aged? Adults? Some want to learn riding to follow their parents’ instructions and some want to learn horse riding in Bangalore because it is their passion. It depends on how motivated and serious the student is when getting enrolled at the horse riding academy. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, other factors are also considered when determining the number of classes required to learn horse riding in Bangalore including- the quality of instruction, time spent in the saddle, maturity level, ability to follow directions, retain information, natural talent, athletic ability and many more.

Expecting to be a great horse rider by attending a few classes at a horse riding school in Bangalore will not be a possibility. It requires dedication and time just like any other course. If you are not motivated enough you will not attend adequate horse riding classes and a reasonable amount of learning duration will not be met. If you are willing to become adept in back horse riding, be confident to ride as much as you can.

There is no specific weight limit for horse riding however generally, horses should not carry more than 20% of their total body weight. This weight includes the rider along with the weight of the tack. To determine the weight limit of the horse while taking horse riding classes in Bangalore there are several factors that must be considered such as the height of the horse, weight of the horse build and overall condition of the horse riding.

Almost all well-known equestrian centres and top horse riding schools in Bangalore set their own weight limit for the riders as there is no formal weight limit for back horse riding. It is very common to find variations in the maximum weight limit set by different horse riding schools because they have different varieties of horses which influences the weight they can carry.

There are numerous grounds on which a weight limit of a rider is set for horse riding and although it may for some perhaps come across as discriminatory, this really isn’t the case or the intention. The weight limit of riders ultimately is set to provide a safe horse riding experience for riders and the well-being of the horse.

When Covid-19 occurred in the year 2020 many horse riding academies in Bangalore faced challenges because of the restrictions imposed on the public-facing activities. However, with the easing of regulations in June 2020, the horse riding academies are once again able to offer riding lessons and summer camps with altered protocols.

There are many top horse riding schools in Bangalore where social distancing is maintained post-covid-19 and many are getting enrolled without worrying about coronavirus infection. You might be wondering how social distancing can be maintained at a horse riding academy in Bangalore? The top academies like Zippy academy, riders are instructed to follow the guidelines of social distancing post-covid-19 such as all riders must wear a mask when they mount and dismount, gloves must be worn by riders and instructors, and all beginner riders must be led by a parent or adult from the same household, sanitiser is provided at the various spot of the academy. All of the above protocols are still observed and followed at the best horse riding classes in Bangalore.

Despite the challenges that are faced due to the pandemic there is never degradation in the horse riding training provided at Zippy academy, a horse riding club in Bangalore in fact more care and attention is given to the horses and maintenance of the farm

EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION OF INDIA has set the following criteria that must be met by a rider in order to participate in the competition.
 1. A rider must be able to do a minimum of 66% of the jumps at full height and spread to include three vertical and three parallel jumps.
 2. Riders must be qualified for two round competitions in NEC & EFI approved competitions. Horse riding classes in Bangalore must be attended for this qualification.
 3. EFI approved regional competition standards may vary depending on the ground conditions and the number of entries. However, min 50% jumps will be at max height & spread.
 4. After adequate horse riding training all riders of 16 years and above can participate as per Article 502 (JNEC) refers.
 5. A Rider must have one or two horses to enter in each grade in the NEC/EFI approved competition. He/She will have to nominate one horse per event for his/her penalties to be counted towards rider points. A nominated horse will start first in the competition.
 6. Zippy horse riding club Bangalore provides riders with all details and training needed to apply for the competition.

Training a racehorse is more difficult than training a horse for simple horse riding activities. Racehorse trainers are required to be skilled in racehorse training and are responsible for taking full care of horses at all times in stables and race tracks. The two most important skills that a racehorse trainer at horse riding schools in Bangalore must possess are:

Horse Handling Skills Every horse has a different nature and mood, a good horse trainer must know how to handle different types of horses. The horse handling skills are the foundation for all interactions with horses and these skills can only be developed over time which is why only experienced trainers at the horse riding academy in Bangalore can excel to train racehorses.

Proper Grooming Techniques When it comes to equine care and maintenance grooming plays an important role. The racehorse trainer must be acquainted with the various grooming tools used on horses including the sweat scraper, soft bristle brush, firm bristle brush, curry comb, hoof pick, and mane comb.

Other than these two skills, a racehorse trainer for horse riding classes must possess:
  ● Understanding horses' anatomy and their behaviour.
  ● Knowledge of horses' nutritional requirements, specifically to enhance horses’ performance.
  ● Knowledge of horse training methods.
  ● Familiarity with horse racing rules and procedures.

Yes, a beginner can include horse jumping/horse dressage in their horse riding lessons however if you can do it or not will depend on various factors such as, How high a level do you aim to reach in dressage/jumping? What’s your goal?

If you are willing to learn both horse jumping and horse dressage then a horse you choose to learn horse riding in Bangalore must be adept in performing both.

Learning dressage requires beginners to have stronger core muscles and a greater understanding of their own position. A dressage/jumping rider must be an enthusiastic participant from the very beginning, one who supports intricately maintaining the horse's motion and posture throughout the riding and can manage the strength of one’s own movements, in the dance that is dressage.

Keeping in mind the competency level required for dressage instructors try to provide horse riding training that is more technically intensive and more challenging than normal horse riding lessons.

Many beginners find showjumping easier as jumping is taught to simply stay out of the horse’s way, point the horse at the fence and maintain a position. The best horse riding classes in Bangalore often use this strategy for beginners willing to learn show jumping.