Zippy Equestrian Center

Renting / Leasing

Looking to own a horse for a short period of time ?

Leasing a horse is fun filled endeavor that helps in realizing a dream and achieving short term goals in the best way possible within the shortest time period.

We provide horse lease options at our stables for a short term period and as well as for a long term period but not more than a year.

The lease option comes with many advantages in terms of utility such as planning multiple riding lessons with our trainers many a times in the week along with a sense of ownership and pride that comes with bonding with the same horse. Riding a leased horse for equestrian games purpose helps in progressively building the bonding with the horse and a programmed approach towards developing the skill set that is required and necessary to perform in the Equestrian Competitions such as Dressage and Show Jumping.

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