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How to Improve Riding Aids: Horse Riding Exercises for Beginners

How to Improve Riding Aids:Zippy Horse Riding Exercises for Beginners

"Back horse riding"

Now that you are determined to learn horse riding in Bangalore you must be aware of horse riding aids that are going to be extremely helpful at every footstep of taking horse riding lessons. Becoming a good rider requires you to be focused on the fundamentals of horse riding and such fundamentals must be adapted while learning riding at horse riding school. If your body parts have strong coordination while riding the horse then only you can have strong coordination with the horse that you are going to ride.

Hence it is essential to maintain good posture and perform your aids correctly to convey your horse in the most effective way while riding. A trained horse at a horse riding academy consistently takes signals from the rider by their posture even when you don’t realise it, so you have to be very cautious about what signal you are sending to the horse.

When you are going to ride a horse every single movement that you make matters a lot. The manner you hold your body, the way you move your legs and the position of your, your seat and every little movement of your hands and even the direction your head is facing, every such single detail impacts the way your horse behaves while your horse riding training.

Once you are able to use all the aids correctly you are all set to become an adept back horse rider. Read the below-mentioned horse riding exercises for beginners and know how you can perform the riding aids in the most appropriate manner.

Balancing with Hands

While you learn horse riding in Bangalore it is important to be capable of maintaining good balance when sitting on a horse. This hand exercise helps improve your balance, including widening your arm to one side with a stretch and then placing it behind the back with your palm facing outwards. This way the rider is able to focus on feeling the lower back movement which is the body part where the shock absorbency comes from.

Holding A Bit

In order to maintain good coordination with your horse while taking horse riding lessons you must be able to maintain a straight line from your elbow, through your wrist, to your horse’s mouth. Generally, it is approximately four or five inches separated, any wider and your riding aids will become more vulnerable. You can do exercise to improve this by holding a bit in your hands while you ride to keep them the perfect distance apart. You can use an eggbutt snaffle or something with rings but no shanks, by linking your forefinger and middle fingers through the ring. This allows you to hold the reins more appropriately.

Holding A Bit

Check the Posture

Whenever you are going to do back horse riding make sure to capture your posture while you are sitting or riding a horse. Later you can check the position that you adapted while riding a horse. Things that you can check in the video is if your heels are aligned with your hip or not, are you lunging in the forward direction with your body while swinging your legs back? You can also pose in front of the mirror and see if your knees are pointing forward in the same direction as the toe or not. Doing this exercise on a regular basis helps you a lot to maintain the perfect posture during your horse riding lessons.

Relax Your Pelvis

This exercise is done to make sure to keep your pelvis loose and keep your torso stable in your horse riding training. This exercise trains you to ride with the reins in one hand and extend your free arm above you, with your fingertips toward the ceiling or the sky. This practice enables the movement between the chest and pelvis to be rather more separate. It is done in order to make the chest stable, and let the pelvis work with more elasticity.

Free The Stirrups

When starting to learn to ride, the horse riding club in Bangalore suggests this exercise. This exercise requires the rider to kick free their stirrup and salvage them without looking down while walking. Having strong command over managing stirrups helps a rider stabilise in the saddle, letting you better use your legs and when demanded you can redistribute the weight. This practice allows you to keep good stead as every rider loses their stirrup at some point while learning the back horse riding.

Slow Down The Cliffs in Trot

When you start learning horse riding club in Bangalore it is essential to grab perfection in your seating aid. The position in the saddle and how body weight is distributed is important when conveying the horse. This exercise allows you to use your seat more than your reins when transitioning into slower gaits. While doing horse riding training, from a trot to a walk you must be able to move without using your reins. Hence, while doing this exercise you will learn in your horse riding classes to slow down the cliffs in the trot, staying a bit longer in the saddle with each stride. Keep your legs in contact with the horse, and try not to use your hands. In case you need to use them make sure to give a gentle squeeze on the reins and use your voice to help assist the aid.

The above exercises help beginners to improve their riding aids and once you are able to excel in all the riding aids nothing can stop you from becoming an adept rider.

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