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Equestrian Consultation

Maintaining horses at the farm or starting a new horse riding facility is not an easy task. It involves lot many things to fall in place such as the right horses for the intended purpose, skilled workers who can handle horses and look after; A qualified instructor who can continue the training of the horses and the riders in a professional manner.

Most importantly, an Equestrian setup is required to have the basic infrastructure that is required to accommodate horses, horse feed, horse tack, paddocks and a soft footing riding arena for the safety and performance of the horses.

We take pride in the projects that we have done so far, helping our clients to achieve their set targets in the Equestrian business. We help our clients right from the set-up of the Equestrian Infrastructure to the procurement of the right horses, horse feed, horse tack and the continual improvement of the stables and horse’s health and well being.

We also consult our clients on running a profitable horse riding school as a business venture and support in the marketing, course structuring and equestrian sports.

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