Zippy Equestrian Center

Horse Riding Camps

We organize a short duration of summer / winter camps that usually comprises of 10-15 Lessons. The camps are a great opportunity to engage with the horses at our stables and to get to know horses better. The camps are mostly focused on the beginners who would want to start their journey with horses and horse riding as a hobby or a competitive sport.

We introduce horse riding to the kids starting from the age of 5 years and the riding batches are slotted accordingly. The riders get to interact with the horses, feed the horses, bath the horses and most importantly, learn the basics of Horse Riding.

We also cater to schools and other sports facilities during the summer. If need be, we can organize a special camp in your facility with our horses and staff, taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure the health and safety of the horses and the riders.

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