Zippy Equestrian center

I am Abdul Rahman Shariff

Founder & Director of Zippy

Abdul is a Medical Electronics Engineer by profession, works for Philips Healthcare in the Global Regulatory Compliance Division. He has been passionate about sports from his early days of sporthood. He has played for Daynanda Sagar College Football team in the University Championships and has been a Gold Medalist in the Vishveshwarya Technological University Powerlifting Championship ' 2014.

Horses share the longest history with the mankind and you wouldn't really understand the bond between the horse and the rider, unless being challenged.
And its a great feeling to achieve something on the horseback. It could be completing a small challenging ride amidst the natural valley or it could be a challenging sport like ShowJumping.
Horses understand love & compassion and are great masters. No time on the saddle or in the stable is wasted. You learn, heal and cheer up. Always !!

He has won many a times in the Show Jumping discipline of the Equestrian Sports and has mentored many riders and equestrian trainers. He is passionate about Equestrian Sports and is actively involved with riders and other stakeholders to continually improve the riding standards in the country.

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